About BzHive


BzHive is a nationwide project that has its goal to fill in individuals’ financial education gaps and focuses on seminars, lectures, classes and workshops to provide our Students with the tools they need to get educated about life’s real skills to empower themselves and to support their personal growth.

BzHive successfully started few years ago as a co-working space in San Rafael, CA, which further defined the whole project environment: a friendly, welcoming and effective collaboration of our Students and Educators, where BzHive is assigned a role of a process facilitator by smartly bringing the Students and Speakers together, matching their needs and having their best interests in mind.

At BzHive we believe that a viable and contemporary education model starts not only with accessible and affordable high quality educational content, but also with being able to accommodate our Student’s busy lifestyles, which is the reason why we offer a variety of training formats, such as live one-time seminars and Q&A sessions, monthly clubs, webinars, videos, presentations, workshops and many more, covering a broad range of topics from personal empowerment to credit literacy and safety to financial well-being to real estate investments.

If you would like to share some thoughts with us, or suggest an interesting theme for a future event – please, feel free to contact us anytime.

Meanwhile, you can check our Facebook page and Twitter for BzHive upcoming events and updates.

If you are a Speaker or an Educator and would like to share your unique experience, expertise or practical advice with our educational network – please, reach us through this form and we will gladly get back with you in no time.


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