Code of Conduct

Our Mission

BzHive proudly carries a mission to provide its Students with the tools they need to get educated about life’s real skills to empower themselves and to support personal and spiritual growth.

Our Promise

BzHive promises to take education of its Students as top priority and always strive for providing educational content and materials of highest quality possible.

Our Ethical Intent

BzHive is constantly working on increasing the number of educational and business opportunities provided to its members by smartly bringing the Speakers and the Students together having their best interest in mind.

To ensure the quality of its services all educational content must be approved by BzHive prior to an event, come in full compliance with BzHive educational promise and mission and meet the pre-established learning objectives and time requirements. The event must meet the claimed educational purpose and objectives in full.

It is the responsibility of the Speaker to ensure that any guidelines and recommendations provided to the Students during the event comply with current state(s) and federal law, rules and regulations.

While BzHive aims to bring the Speakers and the Students together and facilitate both learning and business opportunities, it primarily concentrates on educational services, posing limitations on possible commercial actions during the seminars and other events, and kindly requires that at least 90% on the event must be dedicated to the learning process with only less than 10% of the time dedicated to promotional activities of the speaker, speaker’s products or services.  Any products and services suggested for purchase during the BzHive events must be fully associated with the event theme, used as a learning tool or a reference.

BzHive greatly values its Speakers and Students. By signing up for an educational services Students acknowledge that all the educational content and materials provided at the event is a proprietary intellectual asset of the Speaker and must not be copied, distributed or used in any way other than personal without the permission or unless authorized differently by the Speaker.

By committing to speak on behalf of BzHive or by signing up for an educational event both Speakers and Students unreservedly agree to follow the current Code of Conduct and general ethical principles, as well as treat each other in a kind, trustful and respectful way.

Violation of the current Code of Conduct may be a subject to a termination of any relationships between BzHive, Students or Speakers.

Please, let BzHive know if you have any questions or concerns of ethical matter and we will do our best to address it as soon as possible.


BzHive Team